Our unique approach to mental coaching uses advanced body/mind techniques that resolve unconscious factors that are keeping you from playing your best golf game more of the time. We can virtually guarantee you will play better golf now!

Golf Empowerment Zone eliminates the underlying causes of stressful thoughts and emotions. This is why our program is so unique and effective compared to traditional approaches to improving the mental game.

Programs include private and group coaching sessions, Golf Success workshops and classes, and personal consultations via phone and Skype. CALL NOW to request a complemtary introductory demonstration:

OK or not OK?

Cure for Yips!

Most golfers are aware of their mind states but have no way to effectively manage the persistent unconsious thought patterns that create emotional and physical states of 'OK' and 'not OK'. Our advanced techniques resolve the specific causes of the  'not OK' emotions so you can play with more confidence! 

Energy Psychology has been used by many talented EFT practioners to helps golfers cure their Yips! This may seem remarkable to so many who are completely unaware of how these techniques work, but the results have been documented many times over..

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Inside Letter to PGA Pros

A Golf Breakthrough to help your clients play better golf now!

Dear PGA Professional,

My name is Steven Gottlieb and I invite you to learn about a system of techniques I use as a peak performance coach that I'm certain will help your clients play better golf. The process is simple, direct, and immediately effective. Better performance is assured because it goes beyond typical fixes for golf technique and the mental game by resolving unconscious blocks to optimum play.

I call this ERPTM (for Energetic Re-scripting Process) and I developed it as a
Golf Breakthrough for the Mental Game using the latest discoveries of Energy Psychology. You will play with more confidence and score better because ERP eliminates the cause of unwanted thoughts and emotions that can mess with your game.

Everyone can agree that, even though golf can be extremely challenging, we want our play to be joyful, not stressful. ERP empowers you to automatically play your best effortlessly without stress and anxiety.

When someone gets upset because they’re not playing well, then it’s a clear sign that emotions are interfering with their play. And you may know of people who are frustrated because they can’t seem to break that magic number, or cannot consistently make shots to their ability level. Who needs to suffer this way?

What we are typically dealing with here is a combination of factors that may be related to performance anxiety, limiting beliefs and comfort zones, and the painful memories of past mistakes.
ERP wipes these away for good.

​Now you might say these problems are just part of the mental game and can be sufficiently managed with the right amount of coaching, focus, and practice, and perhaps you are right. As talented as some people might be,
most people cannot easily overcome these problems due to some specific unresolved factors that I'll share with you in the first hour of my program.

Warning: ​these factors are mostly unconscious and until they are resolved then all attempts to use things like visual imagery, positive affirmations, and other methods for getting in the zone simply won't work!

That's right; as good as the best techniques to help the mental game can be, we are being influenced by unconscious factors that undermine most mental game techniques and can even make the problem worse.

What's important to understand is that
these factors are ‘bio-energetic’ in nature, not just mental. (You probably haven't heard anything like this before.) ERP resolves mental game problems where they live; at the body/mind level of our nervous system that controls our stress or relaxation responses.

Because we are working 'bio-energetically' then
practically any limiting physiological issues can be improved too. This would include swing problems such as range of motion limitations and the impacts of injury and pain.

(We can even remedy the underlying cause of the YIPs - most experts rarely tell you anything about that!)

Once we've cleared our nervous system from the impact of triggers that bring about negative thoughts and emotions and re-script our minds for success with ERP, then
playing in the zone is an automatic response that helps us enjoy playing our best; and maybe even beyond our previous best level of play.

This means that with ERP we can expect to
automatically play better than ever before even if we don't do anything special to shift our mental focus or practice anything new!

And now that we are naturally playing our best, then obviously whatever we do to further improve our game will reap big rewards! That's when you, our golf pro, goes to work doing what you do best. After all, I can't teach people how to make better shots; they need you for that.

But I do need your help to put me in front of those people you know who can really use a hand with their mental game, so I'd like to offer you a
no obligation opportunity to test these techniques out for yourself.

I don't just expect you to take my word for how good ERP can be. If you try these techniques then I'm confident
you'll see for yourself how ERP can be effectively applied to all sorts of golf performance problems.

So if you invite me to work with you I'll do my best to make it worth your while to refer ERP to your clients, friends, fellow pros and club members, and even teach you how to use these techniques yourself.

I can promise you that no one will be disappointed!

Steve Gottlieb

Steven Gottlieb

​Founder of Golf Empowerment Zone and developer of ERP