Energetic Rescripting ProcessTM*(ERP) for Golf

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Stress and Performance

The nature of our mind and emotions is such that we will respond (energetically) to stressful situations from the external world, or create stress from our inner world. If something happens that threatens or frightens you will experience real physiological stress. We might not always be able to avoid stressful situations, but we can learn to control our reactions to them. Reducing our stress response will result in better play.

What we typically have with golf is dealing with our own mind created stress. What is so stressful about playing golf? (It's not life threatening, is it?). Answer this question as many ways as you can, and you have a lot of material to which you can apply Energy Psychology, which is a remarkable new evidence based practice that resolves physiological stress caused by thoughts and emotions. Energy Psychology has been successfully applied to all kinds of golf issues with outstanding results that far surpass any expectation of ordinary mental coaching because it addresses the root cause of our stress response. You must eliminate the underlying energies that cause stress in order to really improve performance in stressful situations.

Unconscious Stress Factors

An important aspect of Energy Psychology is a phenomenon known as psychological reversal or PR. Some psychologists may refer to this as secondary gains, where you may have some unconscious factors that create stress and sabotage your success. PR happens when our internal energies get 'switched around' whenever we encounter a specific stressful situation. Gary Craig (creator of Emotional Freedom TechniquesTM - also known as EFT and 'tapping') likens this phenomenon to 'having our batteries in backwards'. It is like a literal bio-energetic switch in your brain that goes from 'OK' to 'not OK'.

When PR is present no helping process will work, not even Energy Psychology, until the energy problem of PR is corrected. This idea is one of the main tenets of the Energetic Rescripting Process (ERP) we use as the hallmark or our Golf Empowerment Zone programs. Our assertion is that anytime you experience poor performance because of mental and emotional states then PR is present. Even though Energy Psychology has a procedure that generalizes the possibility of PR, it may not be enough to find and resolve the specific unconscious factors that interfere with optimum play as defined by your own desires for success.

Rescripting for Success

Energetic Rescripting ProcessTM (ERP) is a unique application of Energy Psychology that focuses on identifying and correcting the unconscious causes of psychological reversals that impede optimum performance. The process is simple, direct, and immediately effective. We employ a technique called 'muscle testing' that works like an immediate bio-feedback device to determine how our body responds to stress when presented with ideas that represent our desire for success. We formulate a statement such as 'I CAN _____________ '....... fill in the blank. It can be anything you truly want, such as "I can play better golf now!". We work to find the most important statements for you. The muscle test shows us if there is any stress reaction to the statement, and if there is, then there is as a part of your unconscious programming that is saying "NO, I CAN'T!". Despite your willingness to affirm "YES I CAN", unfortunately the unconscious "NO I CAN'T" wins out.

The good news is that with ERP we can locate and rescript the true nature of our "NO I CAN'Ts" and turn them into "YES I CANs" right on the spot! Because we are identifying and resolving core level energetic forms of stress, ERP is potentially more powerful and effective at improving practically any challenging issue than any other forms of body/mind conditioning. We can virtually guarantee you will play better golf!

*Energetic Rescripting ProcessTM (ERP)  was created to combine various aspects of Energy Psychology, Kinesiology, and Intuition into a simplified system that can empower anyone to perform better in any aspect of their life.  Golf Empowerment Zone and ERP are trademarked processes that identify the exclusive coaching activities and programs of Steven Gottlieb, developer of Golf Empowerment Zone and ERP.