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About Steven Gottlieb

Steven helps people from all walks of life resolve emotional diffuculties and live more empowered lives. Working with golfers is a natural extention of his work as a peak performance specialist. Steve joyfully shares his enthusiasm and mastery of an array of powerful body/mind techniques to empower you to play up to your fullest potential. 

Please call me anytime to discuss your golf challenges and to see if working with me makes sense for you. I'm always happy to offer complentary consultations and will even provide introductory seminars for your club and group of friends. Whatever your coaching needs might be for the mental game, I'm confident my sessions can help you achieve your goals, not just for golf but also for the 'game of life'.  

 I recently had the privilege of having a session with Steve Gottlieb, and I found him to be immensely intuitive, intelligent, wise and sensitive. His work seemed effortless and fluent; clearly passionate about what he does, Steve has an unerring instinct for getting to the core issues, and his work, drawn from a variety of modalities and considerable experience, is very powerful. I came away from the session having released limiting beliefs I didn't realize I had.

Steven Gottlieb,

Personal Empowerment Coach and Developer of E.R.P. for Golf

Energy Psychology plus ERP

Steven masterfully combines his unique skills as an expert peak performance practitioner, intuitive empowerment coach, and kinesiologist to precisely target ERP to those hidden aspects of the mind that interfere with your personal goals for golf success. ERP resolves these immediately so that you are able to play your best more consistently, and even help you acheive greater levels of play. 

How It's Done

Golf Empowerment Zone provides a targeted system of techniques that resolve the cause of unwanted mental and emotional stress factors that interfere with your ability to consistently play your best game. The process is simple, direct, and immediately effective. Our programs are unique because we identify these factors at the 'energetic levels' of your body/mind conditioning that directly affect your nervous system, much of which is unconscious. Because we demonstrate that an actual energetic shift has taken place which improves your mental game, we can virtually guarantee you will play better golf! 

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The hallmark of Golf Empowerment Zone is Steve's remarkable Energetic Rescripting ProcessTM (ERP). ERP is a system of techniques that borrows from the latest discoveries of Energy Psychology. Using ERP we can identify the nature of unconscious psychological and emotional blocks that keep you from naturally playing in the zone more often. This is disctincly different because with ERP we are dynamically changing your physiological stress response brought on by challenging situations, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions. 

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